Who can use the services of Waxxon Spa Automobile ? plus

Given the high cost of replacement for automotive parts, we believe it's much wiser to protect or correct your paint and interior rather than letting these parts degrade. Canadian vehicles are driven for about 6 months per year with the windows closed. Having your interior professionally detailed and cleaned at least once a year will disinfect bacteria that cause bad odors as well as remove human grease that degrades interior parts.

Here are a few example:

  • Worker on the road: Your car is your work tool. To protect your car, make the cabin pleasant and clean to be in, and generally make driving more enjoyable, a good detail including a nano- coating and Aquapel is highly recommended.
  • Car enthusiast / Club member: Let's be honest, your car is your pride! You put countless hours into modifying the engine, the interior, installing a body kit or adding carbon fiber parts. The only thing missing is a good polish as the finishing touch! In most cases, investing in an exterior detail will make your car look better than a set of painted side skirts for about the same amount of money. If you’re attending a car meet, you know pictures will be taken. Why not have your car looking its best and at the same time, protect your pride and joy?
  • Lease return: When a car is returned at the end of a lease term, you may be charged for what the dealer considers to be abnormal damages. A small detailing by a professional at Waxxon Spa could save you some money and hassles when returning your car to the dealership.
  • Personal sale of your vehicle: There's no doubt a clean car sells better than a dirty one. Like- wise, any professionally-polished paint will bring back your car’s deep shine and restore interior parts that may begin to look worn and tired. In many cases, recovering the cost of your detailing is easy and will allow you to sell it at a higher price, and possibly lead to a quicker sale!
  • Vehicle under warranty: Did you buy a car 2-3 years old ? It's still the latest generation on the market and you saved 30-40% in depreciation compared to the current year model ? In most case, the only way to tell this car isn't brand new is because of its aesthetic condition. Trust us to restore that brand-new shine and get the impression you are driving a new car while saving a good amount over the showroom price.

Why should I choose Waxxon Spa Automobile ? plus

Did you know that once the first 25% of your paint has been removed due to polishing, your paint is significantly more at risk to develop clear coat failure and oxidation? Furthermore, did you know that most compounding done with a rotary machine and an aggressive pad could remove as much as 5-10% of your paint? In other words, detailing center using aggressive polishing techniques could do irreversible damage to your paint after as little as 2-3 detailing sessions!

In order to avoid this, here at Waxxon Spa, we use a delicate approach that minimizes the removal of paint. We would rather do 2 light polishing passes, as opposed to 1 coarse compounding pass that will remove too much paint. We use the highest quality precision tools that enable us to measure the depth of your paint, meaning we will always keep a safe thickness to prevent burning your vehicle’s paint.

At Waxxon, you are guaranteed to receive an expert level service executed by qualified detailers with only the best products available on the market. We also give tips on how to properly maintain your car and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have throughout the process. You will also receive a maintenance guide and some products to keep your paint looking shiny and protected longer. We pride ourselves on our quick response time to your calls, text messages, and forum/email messages.

We have more than ten years of experience and have worked with some of the most prestigious vehicle available. You can rest assured that your car is in good hand. No matter what kind of complication your project could need, chances are we already dealt with that situation previously and have the right tool and experience to resolve this particular issue.

Detailing is our passion. We follow the latest trends in the industry to provide you with the absolute best result. Detailing is our art, our labor of love, and our hobby! Take a look at our gallery to see some of our works.


Do you offer mobile detailing services ? plus

Waxxon Spa does indeed offer mobile detailing services, however certain conditions apply. We ask that you have a proper working space, good lighting, electricity, water supply and access to a toilet. Distance is not a problem; we’ve driven as far as 3000 km to work on a customer’s car in the past. Please make the request for our mobile services when you contact us.


How much time does the process of a professional detail take ? plus

Many people are quick to judge the quality of a job by the hours spent on the car. At Waxxon, we use professional machinery along with only the best products with no restriction on cost. Our investments in our tools and products allow us to save time while delivering awe-inspiring results. We never cut corners, and every member of our staff is an experienced professional capable of achieving the same results, if not better, in less time when compared to other professionals in the industry.

Furthermore, our commitment and respect for our clientele means we usually don't answer the phone, eat or take breaks when detailing a car. At the end of the day, the time block that we quote to detail your vehicle should only be used as a tool to manage your personal schedule, rather than a metric used to judge the quality of our detailing packages.


What is causing the change in color ? plus

My red paint is turning pink, black is going grey, and my white is turning yellow. These symptoms are caused by the oxidization of the clear coat on your vehicle. If your paint becomes chalky and opaque, it’s a tell-tail sign that your paint desperately needs to be polished and decontaminated. The oxidization is like dead skin; it has to be removed with an abrasive cream. The longer you wait, the worse the situation will get. In cases like this, we recommend the application of a nano-coating to further protect it against UV rays.


Why do headlights turn yellow and cloudy ? plus

This is due to excess exposure to UV rays. The protective layer that car manufactures use at the factory have a life span of approximately 5-7 years. Therefore it's only normal to have your headlight wet-sanded and restored if your car is more than 5 years old.

This process is important maintenance, because it directly affects the safety of your vehicle, as you’re not able to see as well at night due to the foggy headlight lens. This procedure is not only aesthetic, but is also a safety precaution. Don't worry; after our restoration, we apply a nano-coating that will protect your plastic for a long time.


What is Aquapel ? plus

Aquapel is a hydrophobic treatment that coats your glass, repels water, and typically lasts between 6 to 12 months. This product is significantly more durable than what you can buy on the shelf at popular stores. Our customers notice that less debris, salt, and dirt sticks to your windows which means that your windshield stay cleaner longer, and is easier to clean, thus saving some money on windshield washer fluid. Please note, we coat ALL of your windows. Most garages will offer to coat only your windshield for $24.95 and will charge 50-70$ to treat all of the windows on your vehicle. We include it for free in most of our detailing packages.


Why shouldn't you use silicone-based products similar to common tire shine ? plus

These products are the reason why tires turn brown. They dry out rubber and when in contact with UV rays, the effect is exponential. It is not uncommon for these products to dry out tires so much that they actually crack. Tires can crack, just like dashboard and leather seats. Furthermore, silicone based products attract dust.

At Waxxon, we only use water or polymer based products which means that the treatment lasts longer, lubricates the material, and doesn’t attract dust. The same goes for car interiors.


Paint decontamination ? Is this necessary ? plus

It’s important to understand that paint breaths through micro-pores just like human skin. If you do not want to see debris collecting inside these pores, they need to be sealed with a sealant, wax, or a nano-coating. As you might know, molecules expand when they are heated (i.e: sun heating the paint) and water acts as a transportation vehicle for debris. Therefore when it's hot outside, paint expands and allows contaminants to embed themselves deep in the paint. Over time, metal particles can begin rusting, creating the orange dots you commonly see on vehicles with white paint. This is why it's important to decontaminate your paint at least once a year and seal it properly with a quality product. We do not use strong products like acid fallout because they can damage and etch the clear coat on your vehicle.

The decontamination process starts with a detailing clay bar (physical decontamination) that removes overspray, bird debris, and stubborn contaminants that cannot be removed with a regular car wash. We then move on to the chemical decontamination that opens up the pores of the paint and pulls the metal particles and other contaminants out of the paint. We are then ready to seal your paint or polish it.


What's the difference between a paint cleanse, glaze, polish and a compound ? plus

A glaze and a paint cleanse are two processes that contain oils which offer a wet-look on your car and will usually fill in some light paint swirls. In addition, a paint cleanse or glaze will also clean traces of oxidation on old paint. The issue is that many people, and even some detailers, will use the glaze as a polish to hide the compounding haze and imperfections left by coarser abrasives. Your paint will look great, but for how long? This look usually takes about 3 weeks for the oil to wear off and the paint to go back to its previous state. At Waxxon, we only offer permanent result. We use a light polish to remove marks left behind by a compound instead of using a glaze.

Furthermore, most people have heard of a friend or detailer using abrasive creams. This product category holds three main sub categories; jewelling polish, polish, and compounding (from the fine to the coarse). At Waxxon, we usually start with a polish and see from there if your paint needs a coarser approach or a finer approach. Remember, the key is to leave as much paint as possible.


Should I go for a wax, sealant or nano-coating ? plus

Being car fanatics at heart and passionate about everything related to detailing, we love to try new methods/products, constantly striving to find the perfect formula that will yield the best shine and protection for your car. This is why we’ve never been scared to pay hundreds for highly exclusive, platinum level products such as Zymol Royale, Vintage and Swissvax Crystal Rock to name a few.

Our preferred wax is Raceglaze Special Reserve which is blended exclusively for Waxxon. The product produces a very deep wet look, but given it’s high content of carnauba (the same as Crystal Rock) it is one of the longest lasting waxes we’ve ever used. This is our go-to product for the customer that demands the absolute best wet-look possible.

Recently sealants have become very popular because they offer great shine, last longer than most waxes, and can be layered for an even greater shine. It's an excellent alternative if you are on a budget! ( i.e: can't afford a nano-coating package but want something that will make the water bead off of your paint for a long time)

As for nano-coating, we wrote an extremely comprehensive guide about them so we suggest clicking on the link and reading! If you are looking for long-term protection (+12 months), this is probably the best solution! It offers a very glossy shine that is exceedingly pleasant to look at.


How many times can I do a polishing ? plus

To put thing in perspective, a regular white sheet of paper has a thickness of 89 microns. Most car paint from the factory has a thickness between 80 and 200 microns*. As you can see, paint is extremely thin! It is for exactly this reason that it's very important to measure the thickness of your paint. At Waxxon, we measure your paints thickness with the help of our precise Defelsko paint gauge before doing any polishing to make sure we don't approach a critical thickness where your paint won't be protected against UV rays. Having said that, we can usually do 10 to 20 polishing sessions before your paint begins to get too thin.

For a detailing done with a wax or sealant, we recommend doing a polish once a year to remove oxidation and remove light scratches. In addition, we recommend the application of a wax or sealant every 6 month to protect against UV rays and restore your vehicles shine. We offer a special package for wash 'n waxes. Ask us about our different packages.

If you choose to go with a nano-coating package, we recommend a polishing every one to two years depending on the condition of your paint and a refresh every year.

* One micron is equivalent to 1/1000 of a millimeter. We prefer to use the measure of microns over millimeters because it's more precise.

P.S: This is all based on estimations. Every year, manufactures paint their car differently so these estimations can vary quite a bit. The time between each wax application depends on how much mileage you put on your car and if it's parked outside or inside a garage. Every situation is different, so for the best estimation we would need to see your vehicle and take measurements.


After a polishing, what should I do to maintain my car ? plus

Non-contact automatic car washes don't scratch your vehicle, but in order to clean your paint without touching it, the soap has to be very aggressive. As a result, the strong soap will cause the protective wax or sealant coating to degrade quickly. Automatic car washes with contact are far worse because they will scratch paint in no-time, as the pads used to wash your car pick up debris from other vehicles and rub them on the surface of your car. Stay away from contact automatic car washes at all costs.

We are here to help and give you tips on how to properly wash your car. We also offer detailing classes if you wish to learn more about detailing and caring for your vehicle. If you love detailing and wish to learn how to do it properly, we are here to give you tips. However, if you don't have the time, we offer a valet service, which consists of a bi-monthly wash, and our techniques will minimize the introduction of swirls to your paint. For more information regarding this service, please contact us.


Why should I go for a treatment before winter ? plus

Winter is extremely harsh on your car. Contaminants, rocks, and salt gets stuck on the paint, and then we wipe it all off without any lubricant with a winter brush! In addition, salt sticks to the paint and starts to rust the bodywork. For these simple reasons, we recommend a nano-coating because it offers the best protection out there. After a nano-coating package, the amount of debris and salt sticking to your paint will be significantly reduced because of its auto-cleaning properties. Therefore, it won't scratch as easily because of the thick coating that protects the paint.

Waxxon Tip: It's recommended to leave a light coat of snow on your car to avoid rubbing your brush and all the debris against your paint. This light coat of snow acts a barrier between your paint and all of the bad stuff.


Why should a brand new car get detailed by Waxxon ? plus

Did you know that most cars are parked outside in a parking lot whether it's at the dealership, factory or during transport? During transportation, lots of industry fallout and brake dust can stick to the car and cover the paint in contaminants, making the paint not feel as smooth as it should. Subsequently, the car will get washed a few times with a dirty wash bucket and mitt once it arrives at the dealer. This will obviously scratch the finish of the paint.

In the past, we’ve seen vehicles delivered with holograms due to bad polishing techniques. We’ve also heard about spray waxes being applied that last 3 weeks. Trust us, we will find scratches and contaminants on your brand new car! Trust us to correct these imperfections and you will finally be able to see the true shine of your new vehicle.

As always, we will also perform our paint gauge test to confirm that this car wasn't repainted, because we have seen brand new cars with repainted panels! We strongly recommend the nano-coating package to protect your new purchase for as long as possible.


Why do we use a hot water extractor instead of a shop-vac ? plus

Some people say that there's no need for an expensive shampoo machine when a simple shop-vac can do the same job for much less. However hot water extractors are designed to vacuum liquid. They vacuum further down into the fabric (which is what we call lifting power) resulting in a fabric that is much dryer than when using an ordinary shop-vac. By reducing the humidity, we reduce the chance of having electric problems due to water (Porsches are known to have these kind of problems under the front seat).


Why should I have my interior clean once a year ? plus

Our bodies leave grease on the surface of everything we touch. When it's hot outside, our bodies sweat and we leave behind even more grease. Over time, a layer of dirt and grease covers most parts of your car’s interior. Interiors that are light in color will look obviously dirty, and dark colored interior will look shiny. It can even start smelling bad. These effects are amplified with convertible cars because of the exposure to UV rays. The effects of UV rays can also result in cracked seats, dashboards and armrests. For these reasons it's of vital importance to have your interior thoroughly cleaned at least once a year by a professional. We will treat your interior with anti-bacterial cleaner and an ozone machine to neutralize, kill and remove bad odors and bacteria.


Do you offer volume pricing/package deals ? plus

You own a car collection or a commercial fleet. Please send us a message and we will give you a call to discuss your particular needs and pricing. Privacy is very important to us, so if you do not wish to have your car photographed to keep your collection private, we will respect that. Your personal information is kept private and will never be released without your consent.


I own a track car. Why should I get it detailed ? plus

During a track event, tar and rubber stick to the paint and can be very difficult to remove the longer you wait. It can even etch the clear coat and cause permanent damage.

We highly recommend a nano-coating over a wax because it resists high temperatures much better than wax or sealant (300 Celsius Vs. 90 with wax/sealant).


Will you work on anything else besides cars ? plus

We have extensive experience with boats, motorcycles, metal polishing, iPod casings, laptops etc. We always appreciate working on your special projects. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking to have your boat, truck, aircraft, helicopter, or any other vehicle or object professionally detailed!


Are there any cancelation fees ? plus

No. We do not impose cancelation fees because we trust that our customers will respect their commitment to us and respect our time. We usually do 1 vehicle per day so if you don't show up to your appointment, our day is lost. Chances are another customer would have taken that spot. All we ask of our customers is to please be punctual, and if you cannot show up, or will be late, please text or call us as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, if we start receiving too many cancellations, a non-refundable deposit will be imposed.


What treatment is available for protective film (Clear Bra) ? plus

A protective film can be polished, with certain precautions, and treated with a Nano-Coating like we would for car paint. These films are pretty pricey and carry an average lifespan of five years. For this reason, it just makes sense to invest some energy on these films to keep them looking transparent and enhance the durability of the product as much as possible to avoid the costly replacement of a film.

Note : Waxxon do not install Protective film. If you are thinking about having a film installed, it is recommended to have your paint polished to showroom finish before sealing it with this product. We recommend Protex located in Laval.


What is involved in the process of a scratch removal ? plus

Scratches are cavity found on the surface of the paint. Swirls are created while washing the car or removing snow with a brush. When ray light hit a cavity, the ray changes direction from its original trajectory and our eye catch this imperfection. Thus, the solution is to have a flat and uniform surface as much as possible, so it looks perfect and the ray light do not get deviated. The process of polishing consists of removing a fine layer of clear coat (2-5 microns) to flatten scratches and reduce the depth of the deeper scratches. As mentioned previously, we always have to be careful not to remove too much clear coat in order to protect from UV rays. Professional judgment and paint gauge is needed.


How long before I can have an appointment ? plus

During busy period, expect approximately 4 weeks to get an appointment. During the rest of the year, you should be able to have an appointment within less than 2 weeks. Please reach us a few weeks in advance, when possible.


Should I do my detailing before or after winter ? plus

If the main reason to get a detailing is to protect your paint or ease of maintenance, we recommend getting your detailing done before winter because you will want to have the maximum protection available during the harshest months of the year. However, if the main motivation for a detailing is a showroom shine, then we recommend waiting after winter to get your detailing done so you can enjoy the maximum shine during summer time and eliminates scratches that could've appeared during winter.